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Telephone Power

The power is out and my phone doesn’t work.

How to pick a great electrician

What to consider when choosing an electrician

Resetting Circuit Breakers (Tripped)

A breaker will trip for the following reasons:

Fuses (Blown)

Don’t have circuit breakers, only fuses?

Dimmers (Warm to touch)

Warm dimmers are normal. Read the following information:

Power Problems (Flickering, etc.)

What does it mean when the lights are flickering?

How to prepare for an electrician:

You know you have an electrician coming...how can you save time and money?

Fixtures and Parts

Where should I get my fixtures? This question is asked often along with “Can I supply my own parts?”

Surge Protection

My house got struck by lightning. Some items in my house won’t work.

Smoke Detectors

Where do I need smoke detectors or why do they beep occasionally?


What is an AFCI?


What is a GFCI?

Refrigerator or other Appliances (Not Working)

My appliance has stopped working.