Paciorek Electric’s Going Green Program

With oil and electricity prices sky-rocketing, you can find many ways to cut your utility costs down. But did you know that some of those ways can help the environment as well?

At Paciorek Electric we get many calls from commercial, residential, and industrial customers asking our advice on saving electricity. We're happy to tell you that not only can you save money by following the suggestions below, but you can also gain rebate money on many of the items we've listed. While many rebates are for the larger commercial and industrial applications, there are some rebates available for residential customers as well. Call us to find out how we may be able save you money!

Want to save Energy & Money? Here are some ways:

  • Lighting Control Systems/ Dimmers: Replacing your existing switches with dimmers will save you money on energy use and increase the life of your light bulbs. A dimmer on its highest setting will save you 5% more electricity than a normal on/off switch. Dimmers also allow you to create the perfect ambiance throughout your house. No more walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night blinking in the bright lights!
  • See the below chart for the amount of energy you save when you dim the lights. Also, check out the link to see actual money savings from dimmers: Lutron Dimmer Energy Savings Calculator.
  • Occupancy Sensors: We install occupancy sensors in place of switches in bathrooms, cellars, garages and hallways. Occupancy sensors installed in ceiling fixtures are also big energy-savers in warehouses and commercial buildings.
  • Motion Sensors: We install motion-activated lights outside buildings and houses to help with security and to save energy.
  • Photo Cells: Are you forgetting to shut off outside perimeter lights during the day? Have us add a photo cell or a timer clock so it will shut on and off automatically and save you energy.
  • Ceiling Paddle Fan: Better air circulation will save you money on your heating & cooling bills. Good air circulation is also healthier for you. Let us install a fan on your ceiling light.
  • Hot Water Instant Heat: Ask us about saving money with our instant hot water heaters. Check out Stiebel Eltron’s System, produced in West Hatfield, MA & in Germany.
  • Bathroom Vent Fans: Let us install a more efficient venting unit in your bathroom, and have us add a timer to control it.
  • Whole House Fans and Energy Recovery Ventilation systems: New, tightly-built buildings save you money on heating and cooling, but often leave you with stale, unhealthy air. We can advise you on the many types of venting systems available and install one that best meets your needs.