Home Electrical System & Equipment Inspections & Preventive Maintenance Program

Want a thorough inspection of an electrical system in a property you own, a property you want to sell, or a property you want to buy? Give us a call!

Your electrical system needs a “routine checkup" from a licensed electrician for the same reason your vehicle gets a checkup from a mechanic or you get one from your doctor or dentist--safety! Your home is your castle--let us make it as safe as possible. We will examine the whole electrical system and provide you with a detailed report and, if you wish, a proposal for any work needed. Please call for current rates. Rates depend on type and size of building.

The home inspection will consist of the following:

  • Test all GFCI outlets and breakers.
  • Test any ARC fault breakers.
  • Test all outlets to see if the polarity is correct and they are grounded.
  • Check and tighten all connections in your breaker or fuse panel.
  • Inspect your outside service cable and meter socket for damage.
  • Check all grounding and bonding connections for your main service.
  • Test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries in all units, if applicable. Batteries should be replaced in all units on an annual basis.
  • Make a detailed list of any repairs made, violations and problems found, suggestions and/or options.