Paciorek Electric Services


Paciorek Electric has more than fifteen years of work experience at industrial plants such as Deerfield Plastics and Pliant Corporation as well as at high-tech and secure companies such as Telaxis and Millitech. From installing a 4000-amp service to wiring multi-million dollar machinery lines, we have done it all. We work on all kinds of machinery and service work.


We have a large number and variety of commercial accounts. We have worked on ski lifts and rewired lodges and condos at Mount Snow & Haystack Ski Areas and wired nursing homes, medical buildings, apartments, homes, hotels and stores. We do it all: installing new service, rewiring, service/repair work, preventive maintenance and lighting retrofits that will save your business energy.


Look at our “Free Online Help” page for answers to some common questions.

No residential job is too small or too big for Paciorek Electric, Inc.! We take every job seriously, whether you need a switch replaced or new smoke detectors installed, whether you need wiring work for your garage or for your two-million dollar home. We strive to please and look forward to working with you.

Details of some of our services:

Electrical Service Upgrades

  • Do you still have old fuses powering your circuits? Is your panel box or meter socket rusted or corroded? Is the outside service cable into your house cracked and falling apart? Old or defective electrical systems raise your energy costs and can cause fires! Look at our "Before & After" photos to get an idea of what a difference our work will make to your home or business.
  • We will advise you about Federal Pacific (FPE) panels. Insurance companies have stricter guidelines for new homeowners, requiring upgrades to these panels before insuring a new home.
  • It’s a good idea to have your electrical service connections checked every two years. We provide full safety checks for your electrical system. If you’re not sure if your service is safe, call us! We will inspect your service, check all connections, report on what we find and suggest remedies to problems.

Energy Savings

  • Check out our "Going Green" page--we can help you save energy in your home or other buildings.

New Wiring/ Building Renovations

  • Building a new home or remodeling an old one? Adding a new kitchen or spare room? Let us discuss what we can do for you! We work with building contractors and home-owners to design electrical systems for everything from a garage to your dream home or office!
  • Did you know it is now illegal to add more insulation to your attic if you have knob & tube wiring because of the increased fire risk? Insurance companies have stricter regulations now and many homeowners are being required to upgrade the wiring in their houses. Call Paciorek Electric to learn all the details about replacing your home's knob & tube wiring with new wiring.

Whole House Surge Protection

  • Whole house surge protection is becoming more popular with the increased use of sensitive and expensive electronic devices. A lightening storm can cause a surge in power, but so can the literally hundreds of unnoticed “pings” in your electrical system each day. “Pings” are very small surges of power that will effect the life-span of your expensive electronics. Call us to find out how you can protect your electronics.
  • While a whole house surge protector will help protect your building’s circuits from most power surges, you may have to replace your protector after a large surge hits your building. But the cost of replacing a surge protector is far less than your home-insurance deductible or a major appliance. Some surge protectors even have a warranty covering the cost of replacing damaged appliances.
  • Even with a whole house surge protector at your main panel, we recommend using secondary surge strips for your computers and entertainment stations. But beware: Don’t buy cheap surge protectors! Here's an instance where the old saying “You get what you pay for” holds true. Ask us about the best surge protectors and where to get them.
  • We also install power conditioners that keep your power at the same level at all time, also important for electronics. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) are great for computer systems and servers. We can help you determine the right sized device for the load it will be powering.
  • Let us help you decide which model/ grade surge protector best fits your needs.

Data/ Internet/ Cable TV/ Communication

  • Need to install a data jack or line for an extra phone, internet, or cable TV? Phone and cable TV companies tend to run unsightly wires on the surface of your inside or outside walls and charge more than a licensed electrician. Let us professionally and properly install all the communication lines inside and outside your home.
  • Let our professional service techs set up your home, office or business on a single network so all your computers and equipment can work together.

Service Calls

  • From simple troubleshooting to installing a separate circuit for a new appliance, no job is too small or too large for Paciorek Electric, Inc.


  • Lights flickering, circuit not working, no power? We have years of experience and many types of testing equipment to aid us in troubleshooting. Give us a call and we’ll figure out how to resolve your problem!


  • Worried about losing power during a winter storm and want a backup solution? We can install wiring and provide a generator system to get you comfortably through a power outage. We’ve wired generators for town halls, schools, public safety buildings and houses. Let us help you design a system to fit your buildings needs!

Whole House Sound Systems

  • Want to set up a theater in your house with everything from captain's chairs to video projection to a popcorn machine? We can provide the wiring and equipment for whole house sound systems, home theaters, or surround sound systems. Give us a call to get more info!

Video Surveillance Systems

  • Want to have the security of a surveillance system for your industrial, commercial, or residential property? Give us a call to discuss a system that will fit your needs. Protect your property from vandalism and theft by catching the criminals in the act!

Landscape Lighting

  • Light up your house and grounds! Let us help you design the ultimate landscape lighting system to illuminate your house or that special tree, flag, pool or garden on your property. Light adds glamor and safety.

Home Electrical System, Equipment Inspections & Preventive Maintenance Program

  • Check out our Home Inspection and Preventative Maintenance Program webpage!
  • Want a thorough inspection of the electrical system in a property you own, a property you want to sell, or a property you want to buy? We will examine the whole system and provide you with a detailed report and a proposal for any repairs/work needed. Call us for current rates.

The home inspection will consist of the following:

  • Test all GFCI outlets and breakers.
  • Test all outlets to see if the polarity is correct and they are grounded.
  • Check and tighten all connections in your breaker or fuse panel.
  • Inspect your outside service cable and meter socket for damage.
  • Check all grounding and bonding connections for your main service.
  • Test all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries in all units, if applicable. Batteries should be replaced in all units on an annual basis.
  • Make a detailed list of all repairs made, violations and problems found, suggestions, and options.